For way too long indoor cats have been treated as dogs or other common pets, neglecting the fact that they were born with specific needs. Because they preserve their wild habits, it is unrealistic that they can satisfy their nature and needs within an indoor environment. 

This is why Figaro was born from a different perspective on cat needs, with a mission to provide every cat and owner the right tools to experience a better life together  while sharing the same living space and creating a special bond. 


We strive to inform cat owners the importance of creating the right  home environment for their cats. While for many years food and general pet care were the only treatment for cat’s health and happiness, nowadays we are more conscious of the risk of laziness and depression when they are indoors.

Our offer features a new generation of toys, caves, feeders, scratchers designed  to maximize their pleasure and wellness.

Each product focuses on a specific need, crafted from safe and  certified material and shaped to fit in  every single house, especially small flats or studios, where living space is often reduced. 

Cat wellness is on our hands. Let’s share our  space wisely to give them freedom to be as wild and active as their nature. 


Behind the brand,  a small highly passionate team based in Naples  (Italy).

In recent years, the number of cats rescued from the streets and brought home has increased exponentially, especially during the pandemic lock down. 

We know how immense the benefit and stress relief of introducing a cat in our life and we want to help this process with educational content to inform and entertain a strong community of cat owners, who share the same interest in cat wellness and behavior.