Rainbow Collar

€12,99 €16,00

Almost like no wearing it! 

Rainbow collar is a soft tiny collar,  made of natural canvas and hemp, ideal for cats with skin reaction to other material. Hemp is a breathable material and all the collars from Figaro are tested before any sale and certified as hypoallergenic. Sizes offer the perfect choice for most cats and kittens: . XS (25 cm) adjustable from 15 to 23 cm & S (30cm) adjustable from 20 to 28 cm; Designed as in RAINBOW Multicolor pattern,  the collar is made with  no bell as we know that the close  ringing sound can be an issue for many cats or in removable bell version in case you are unsure. 

It’s adjustable and designed with an anti-strangling elastic fringe, a better solution compared to common breakaway collars that tend to fall apart at minimum resistance. The elastic will keep your cat safe from strangling in case of danger but will not be easily lost.  






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