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The smallest cat tracking solution

RAINBOW AIRTAG is the smallest set of collar and Airtag cases available on the market. The  Apple Airtag (Not Included) or any other round GPS tracker, can be easily fitted in the silicone hypoallergenic case within seconds. We tested on hundreds of cats and it works as a perfect ANTI-LOST SYSTEM.  With apple technology you can control all your cat's movements; you can check if he or she is at home while you are out at work  or you can reach them with the integrated map indications that will bring you directly where your cat is hiding.
Apple Airtag also includes a ringing function in order to play a sound directly from your cat's collar so you will easily hear it and find it (the same present on your  iPhone or other Apple devices). All materials used are tested and non-toxic: the case is waterproof and durable while  the collar is made of hemp and cotton, breathable materials that will not contaminate your pet's hair with unpleasant discomfort, itchy, redness or allergies. 
It’s adjustable and designed with an anti-strangling elastic fringe, a better solution compared to common breakaway collars that tend to fall apart at minimum resistance. The elastic will keep your cat safe from strangling in case of danger but will not be easily lost.  Its size available is S or XS  in Orange or Blue so perfect to cover all cat’s age. Apple Airtag not included. 




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