Cat Teaser Set


Tease your cat everyday with a different prey


The evergreen teaser made of 100% sustainable material in a SET of 2 pieces

Made of wood and hypoallergenic fabric, this teaser set is well constructed, resistant to any sharp paws and designed for any cat entertainment.  Cat Teasers are the most common and efficient toy for cats of any age, from kitten to adult. If you already have cats, you know how to play with them: sit on the floor and spend some time moving the rope around, hide the prey and let your feline friend run back and forth until satisfied with the hunting. If you have never tried a teaser and are looking for a new toy to entertain your domestic cat, this is where to start.  

The stick is made of light wood of ½ cm of diameter so can be light enough to play for a long time as well as hard enough to not break it easily. The prey are a mouse (of course) and a little soft ball, with the exterior texture in sisal, so can be bitten with no mercy by your cat-s.  The rope is fully elastic so cats can take the prey and run with that without breaking it. Two coloured ribbons for extra tease and removable bells are attached to the elastic rope. 




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