Telescopic Cat Teaser

€16,00 €19,99

Flying fast as a bird 

The most realistic cat hunting toy ever made

This telescopic teaser has been designed to be the lightest and longest cat teaser ever made for a realistic experience for your cat-s.  The teaser is extractable and reaches the measure of 1 meter long when fully opened, while closed it’s only 35cm so able to be stored in any drawer or library shelf. The stick is realized in a super light alloy, almost as light as the feather, which makes it very easy to replicate a flying bird. 

The feather is detachable and can be replicated with others already coming with the teaser or from our premium package sold separately, for extreme entertainment. Between the stick and feather, a very thin line, almost invisible for the cat, that allows the feather to move fast as a bird , intriguing any cat and making this toy the perfect hunting game ever made. You will be surprised at how realistic this simple game can be thanks to its unique design of the structure and the feather material. 

Come with a set of 4 different feathers INCLUDED! 




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