Triple feeding station

€24,99 €29,99

Triple Cat feeding station 

A complete food and water station for any cat-s

it’ a semi-automatic station with three bowls and a water dispenser: Practical, easy and durable. 

Ideally for cats who manage food ratio themself and want to have the bowl always full. Infact,  with this station you don’t have to worry to wash the bowls before the next feeding but simply leave dry and wet food at your cat's decision or use it with noi problem with more than one cat. 

The three bowls have an anti-slip bottom system to make it fit perfectly in the station and avoid the bowl to move around while your cat is having a meal

The water dispenser is semi-automatic which means it works for gravity and will automatically drop a little amount of water every time the base is empty, so your cats will always have fresh water coming out everytime they are drinking. 

All the pieces are durable and can be detached and washed properly, even in the machine. 

Bowls are also set to have a 45 degree angle to make swallowing less problematic for cats and so a better assimilation of the food. 




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